Savannah is very lucky to have two Botanical Gardens and an Arboretum.  Today I visited the Savannah Botanical Gardens on Eisenhower Dr.  It was set up in 1990, and has grown beautifully in the 26 years of its existence.  It is run by the Savannah Area Council of Garden Clubs, and they do a fantastic job on a very tiny budget.  Windsor Forest Garden Club (my garden club) has always been involved, and in fact, when I became a member 9 years ago, there were still several members that had been involved in setting it up.

The 1840’s era Reinhard Farmhouse serves as a meeting house on the site.  It was moved here in 1990 in order to save it from being demolished.  It is one of the few remaining examples of a German-style farmhouse left in the city.  In recent years it has become a popular site for small weddings and receptions, and many of the garden clubs have occasional  meetings there.

But of course, it is a botanical garden, so the plantings are the thing!  You will see from the following photos what a wonderful place it is.  If you are local, and have never been, I hope this will inspire you to visit.