Today its time to explore Browning, where we have been staying.  It is on the Blackfoot Reservation with a population of 9,000.  Our guide on Saturday told us there were 16,000 members of the Blackfoot Nation.  As with most reservations I have seen it looks poor and run-down, but there is a new hospital, with the old one now used as a drug and alcohol rehab center.  There is also a school in Browning, a few shops with handcrafts for sale, and a museum.  And, of course, a casino.

We then drove to East Glacier Park and visited Glacier Park Lodge, one of 3 still existing lodges from the days when the Great Northern Railroad promoted tourism in the park in the early 1900’s.  They are grand old buildings.

Our final venture into Glacier National Park took us on a small narrow road with cows wandering around the road.  They are allowed to roam and only rounded up once a year, according to our native guide.

A great lunch with huckleberry pie for dessert (it had to be done!) and then a final wander around East Glacier Park’s shops before hopping back on the train at 6:45 PM for our final train journey.