Our first morning in Seattle was HARD WORK!  No tourist information in the train station, and not even a sign as to where we could leave our luggage.  We finally figured that out, and decided to walk over just a few blocks to the Gold Rush Museum that the “Trails and Rails” guide had told us about.  I hadn’t known about Seattle’s role in that so found it quite interesting.  And then we began to look for the hop-on hop-off trolley, and it was nowhere to be found.  Lyn’s friend had told her his favorite thing in Seattle was the Underground Seattle tour, and as we had wandered over to Pioneer Square by then we decided to do that.  The premise was that after the 1889 fire they rebuilt the city a story higher and the original first story was still underground.  Only trouble is that it just looks like basement – nothing left of any interest at all.  Our very boring guide walked us up stairs and down the street and back downstairs – another basement.  As he was walking us up stairs again and started down the street I finally spotted an information kiosk in Pioneer Square, so we abandoned the tour.

The very nice people at the information kiosk weren’t sure where we could get the trolley, and the people in the Gold Rush Museum hadn’t known either, so we wandered in the direction of the Art Museum as yet another person had thought we might get tickets there.  By this time we were hot and tired and discouraged – but we finally found the trolley, bought our tickets and gratefully hopped on board.  Ahhh.

We hopped off at the Space Needle and things began to look up.  After viewing the city from 650 feet we came down and walked over to the Chihuly Exhibition and Garden, and that changed our entire view of Seattle.  It was so absolutely amazing it deserves its own post!!  We spent the rest of the afternoon there.

We caught the last hop-on hop-off trolley over to the train station to retrieve our luggage, found the light rail station (with help from several more people – still no signage) and then needed help from another kind person to figure out how to get tickets!  Finally found our way to our hotel and collapsed!

The next morning, well rested, we were ready to conquer this city, and we did!  Back on the trolley, we hopped off near Pike Street Markets, and fell in love again.  It was just wonderful.  We had a great brunch and a good wander round.  After completely the trolley circuit we walked down to the docks area, walked through the Sculpture Garden, and explored the docks area, where there are lots of shops and restaurants.  All was so much easier today.  We forgave Seattle all its failings because we loved the Chihuly Exhibition and the Pike Street Markets, and we agreed we had had great food as well.  Back to our hotel, and a final view of Mt. Rainer from the train platform.