Visiting Grand Bay Banks Lake was one of our evacuation activities during Hurricane Matthew.  We evacuated to Valdosta, GA and all five of us shared a hotel room for 3 nights.  My son, daughter-in-law, and 2 grandchildren shared this “adventure”.  Why, you may ask, did we share one room?  When an area is evacuated there are many more people than empty hotel rooms, so we were really happy to have it!

It was a gray, windy, drizzly day even as far inland as Valdosta (about 180 miles from the coast) but with two lively children we thought a bit of outdoor activity was called for.  Grand Bay Banks Lake is an educational center, as you will see from all the very nice sign boards along the boardwalk.  And the boardwalks were ideal for running, so they suited Lily and Jacob immensely.  Getting to feed the deer at the end made it all just perfect!