After a few days in Atlanta seeing some of my retired UCC Ministers (a job I do with the Pension Board)  I headed south to Americus, GA to visit the site of Habitat For Humanity’s Global Village.  Habitat For Humanity has so far built affordable housing in 70 different countries around the world since their beginning in 1976.  To date they have helped to build over 800,000 houses.

Way back in the 1980’s I helped build several Habitat For Humanity homes in Elkhart and Goshen, IN with two youth groups.  It is an organization I have always admired, as it helps people take a step toward a better life with good, affordable housing that they have helped to build.  Sweat equity is always a part of each family acquiring  their new home.

After seeing a short film in the Welcome Center, I went out into the Global Village.  You begin with some actual homes from many parts of the world.  It is unbelievable and heartbreaking to see how some people are forced to live.  And then, the path leads you on to see some of the homes that Habitat For Humanity has actually built around the world. They vary depending on the part of the world, but all are far better than what people previously lived in.  It gives you a real sense of hope, as you think about all those lives being changed.  Visiting the Global Village was a marvelous experience.