On all my visits to Amelia Island, I had never visited Fort Clinch State Park.  The park is huge, with campsites, beaches, and miles of biking paths.  It is an idyllic setting, and I saw many people taking advantage of it when I visited on Sunday.  It is a 3 mile drive back to the fort, under a beautiful live oak tree canopy.  Even in a hot Florida summer it would be cool and shady.

Fort Clinch is named after General Duncan Clinch, important in Florida’s Seminole Indian Wars.  It’s construction began in 1847, and was one of a number of forts built along the southeast coast prior to the Civil War.  It is a similar type of fort to Fort Pulaski, in Savannah, but Fort Clinch was never finished, and never saw a battle.   It was used as a military post during the Civil War, Spanish-American War, and WW2.

Fort Clinch became one of the state’s first parks in 1935, and the CCC worked on restoring it.  It was interesting to compare and contrast it with Fort Pulaski.