Last week one of my Garden Club friends took me for lunch at Miss Sophie’s at the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum in Pooler, and then we toured the museum.  An important fact about Savannah is that it is a military town, especially the South Side.  Hunter Army Air Force Base is right in the city (and my back door neighbor) and Fort Stewart is about 20 miles south of Savannah.  Many of my friends are retired military folks who were once stationed at either Hunter or Fort Stewart, loved Savannah, and returned to spend their retirement here.

My home is in the flight path for many of the training missions, and there are times I hope they have been well trained, because they fly so low they rattle my windows!   I’m never sure if that is accidental or on purpose!  I can usually tell when they are preparing for another deployment by the frequency of flights over my house, and I stop to say a prayer for the brave young men and women protecting us all.

The Mighty 8th Museum is in a beautiful new building, set in spacious grounds.  They have a proud history from WW2, and the museum documents all that they did.  One specially nice treat is the restaurant, Miss Sophie’s, located within the museum.  The food was excellent and the atmosphere pleasant.  It is a great place for lunch.

I try to live my life as a person of peace, and you may be surprised I would visit such a museum.  I abhor war, but I value those who are willing to serve.  They make great sacrifices for all of us to live in freedom and I admire their bravery.  I believe my photos reflect this philosophy, and celebrate the people of the Mighty 8th.