My oldest son Scott told me he had discovered a new garden, just off the Pumpkinvine Trail, where he often rides his bicycle.  So last Saturday we made a trip to Middlebury to explore.  I remember Krider Nursery from when I  lived in Indiana as a young adult, and the garden is on the site of their former orchards and nurseries.  It was first re-ceated on the model of the display Krider’s made for the 1933-34 World’s Fair in Chicago.  After the fair was over, they moved the display to its present location, and have been adding to it ever since.  It is a lovely little garden, and obviously very well used.  We saw people having picnics, people biking on the Pumpkin Vine trail, people hiking, and others like us, just strolling around enjoying the atmosphere.  I especially enjoyed exploring it with my son Scott.