I had a nostalgia tour last week when I re-visited my old high school.  I was the last class to graduate from Lakeville High School in 1965, with a graduation class of a whole 65 people!!  I had known it had been through a number of different uses in the years since, but I had never stopped for a visit before.  I’m glad the building is still there, as neither my elementary school or my junior high school are still there.

For a number of years it was the Newton Center, and Mr. Newton did some remodeling so it could be used for community events, and converted the old gym into a small theater.  He built a sports complex next door.  Last year Palmer’s Funeral Home bought the building, and started using several rooms for viewing and funerals, but they too left much of the building untouched.  I had no trouble imagining myself walking around the school some 50 + years ago.