This is another instance of never getting around to visiting sights in a city you know well.  I have been to Ft. Wayne, Indiana many times, as my aunt and uncle live there, but had never visited the historic site of The Old Fort.  It is a recreation of the 1816 fort built by Major John Whistler, and my uncle says he doesn’t think this is the original site.

Fort Wayne sits at the convergence of 3 rivers, and so was always an important point on the early trading routes.  The first trading post was established in the mid 1600’s, and then in 1697 the French built the first fort here.  It was called Fort St. Phillippe, and then later Fort Miami.  In 1747 Chief Nicholas burned it to the ground during the French and Indian Wars.  It was re-built and turned over to the British in 1760, only to be burned to the ground again during another Indian rebellion in 1763 called Pontiac’s Rebellion.   A new fort was not then re-built until 1794 by General “Mad” Anthony Wayne as the first American fort.

We did a little research and discovered General Wayne was a passionate fighter and patriot and thus gained the nickname “Mad”.  He was well respected and not in the least crazy!  And, of course, the city of Fort Wayne came to be named for him.