I loved this fort, which I guess wasn’t surprising as I am so in love with the island which it defended.  Another sunny, balmy, beautiful day as I wandered around the fort, and then enjoyed lunch in the tearoom that looks out over the bay.  Idyllic.  Sublime.  Perfect.

Fort Mackinac was important during the American Revolution, as the British tried to hold onto territories that were important to the fur trade in the Great Lakes.  It was important again during the War of 1812 for the same reason.  Even though the British won the battle here and held on to the island through the War of 1812, they acceded it to the United States in a treaty in 1815.  Since then it has remained firmly in American hands.  The Canadian border isn’t all that far north of this area.

After touring the fort I wandered down the hill back towards the town and the harbor, sad to think about leaving this paradise.  It was a wonderful visit.