I’ve been to a magical place, under blue skies and balmy breezes, looking out over the sparkling waters of Lake Huron.  This resort island is just wonderful, so well preserved, so unspoiled, that I have to envy the 500 year-round residents, even though they are cut off in the winter when the snow and cold comes into their perfect world.  Mackinac Island sits at the juncture between Upper Michigan and Lower Michigan in Lake Huron.  The bridge connecting the two parts of Michigan is the second longest suspension bridge in the USA, with only the Golden Gate Bridge being longer.  When you reach Mackinac Island you are in the northernmost regions of the United States, and Canada is not far away.

The island is so well preserved that it has been designated a National Historic Landmark, and the 80% of the island away from the harbor area is a state park, protected for all time.  European settlement came here early with the French fur traders that plied the Great Lakes in the 17th century. The Catholic parish here claims to be the oldest in the United States, with parish records dating back to 1695.  The Presbyterian Church here also claims to be one of the oldest in the USA.  And one of my ver favorite movies, “Somewhere in Time” with Christopher Reeves and Jane Seymour, was filmed here at the Grand Hotel.

It is very quiet and peaceful here as no motorized vehicles are allowed.  You walk, bicycle, or take a horse-drawn vehicle to get around.  It is good its such a small island!  They do have a motorized ambulance and fire truck that they use when absolutely necessary.  As you might imagine there are many horses, and I was told the island has 1 doctor and 3 vets!