It is always a nostalgic trip when I return to Saugatuck.  In the 1980’s we had a number of wonderful family weekends here, and there are so many memories:  walking along the marina with my dad, and taking a boat tour – my dad loved boats and the water; spending what seemed like hours in the card shop with my mom, and my sisters giggling in the back corner as they read the “naughty” cards;  my brothers striking crazy poses for family photos;  trying to get 20 or so people to agree on where we would have dinner.  It was a good time for my family, and there are many, many good memories.  I walked around Saugatuck this afternoon, and was lost in memories.

Saugatuck is a small resort town on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, and has been a tourist attraction for many years.  There are lovely beaches not far away (although the waters of Lake Michigan are always freezing!)  and a lovely marina as well as many little shops and good restaurants.  It is fun to stroll around at a leisurely pace and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.