On a scorchingly hot morning I made my way to Providence Canyon in southwest Georgia.  Within the state of Georgia it is known as the Grand Canyon of Georgia – something of an exaggeration, true, but still impressive in such a flat state!  It was signed into a State Park by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934.  It is not too far from his Little White House in Warm Springs, GA, and I’m sure he visited here at some point.

The red clay brought back many memories of living in Dothan, Alabama in the mid-1960’s, which is also not far away.  The clay is fine and drifts under windows and doors and stains everything it touches.

I didn’t venture to the floor of the canyon, which is a rough, precipitous path, deciding that it was no place for a 72-year-old fat old lady!  Even the path on the rim was challenging in places.  But I did enjoy the views.